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✯30 | CLAMP for clamp_icontest


it's really been a whole year off without iconning since I need to sort things out of my life
and now I hope I'll try to be back here C:

an off-start with CLAMP this time,
and my icons seems so awkward and outdated, haha! I'll do my best to make some icons too if I'm not that busy!

for clamp_icontest Week 405

one two three
four five six

(table code by anime20in20)

#01 - Kinomoto Touya, Card Captor Sakura. He is my first love from CLAMP, for CCS is the very first manga by CLAMP that I've known and then my heart broken by Yukito, shame on me
#02 - Sumeragi Subaru, Tokyo Babylon. Doesn't it always takes two to tango ? especially my OTP Seishirou/Subaru, and the pentagram-claim of course and so much duality for this pair, ugh!
#03 - Imonoyama Nokoru, Clamp Campus Detectives. Nokoru, whom is a genuis guy, must know about "Pi" in math whihc starts with a 3
#04 - Sakurazuka Seishirou, X/1999. Or should I say "Sakurazukamori" ? since in CHinese and Japanese 4 means "death" that should explain everything isn't it ?
#05 - Arisugawa Sorata, X/1999. In X-volumes tankoubon, they featured each character short story and in volume 5, it's our beloved Sorata!
#06 - Hanato Kobato, Kobato. This young lady's adventures ends in 6 tankoubons, so hence she will make the perfect ending of 6!


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thank you!
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