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PIMP for Christmas

As me back in business foe a while, I shall bring you the utmost interesting comms around the LJ in Christmas season~!

so, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~ and it's the season of joy, the season of love, thus once again I bring you this awesome thing called, "Christmas graphic gift exchange", once again held by the awesome successful person throughout the year, cool_spectrum, and so come forth and join~ spread all the Christmas feeling!

and in this ever awesome Christmas season, otp20in20 once again back in business and ready to go for the great 10th Round, just a couple more sign up and it's ready to ROCK!


and the new coming, ph_itest moderated by your truly celestial_m00n, reaching it's 2nd week with a flying color of winners, fellow PH fans,  please do check it out~ they have an awesome style like submitter/voters of the month with a claiming prize in reward, believe me you won't miss one I had an eye for the Golden prize, fufufufu

Rules || Submission

and wait for my post of icons maybe not so soon ,but shortly
Tags: #pimp
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